This quarter is all about consolidation of growth momentum – TCS

This quarter is all about consolidation of growth momentum – TCS

Update on the Indian Equity Market:

On Monday, NIFTY ended higher at 17,946 (+0.3%) as it closed near the intraday high level of 18,041. All the sectoral indices were gainers, led by AUTO (+3%), REALTY (+1.7%), and METAL (+1.5%) except IT which was down by (-3.3%). Among the stocks, TATAMOTORS (+9.1%), COALINDIA (+4.4%), and MARUTI (+3.4%) led the gainers while TCS (-6.3%), TECHM (-2.7%), and INFY (-1.8%) led the losers. 

Excerpts of an interview with Mr. Rajesh Gopinathan, CEO and MD, of TCS  with Business Standard on 11th October 2021:

  • TCS believes that this is one of the best quarters they have had. The growth was broad-based. From a deal win standpoint, every vertical has come back strongly.
  • Large verticals like retail and manufacturing have all done well.
  • Growth has been driven by three aspects: increased outsourcing, building a digital core, and growth and transformation agenda of clients.
  • This growth is evident in customer metrics as the numbers are above pre-pandemic baselines and each layer of the customer pyramid has grown.
  • This growth momentum is expected to continue as the demand is strong but there could be seasonality of demand and operations which are specific to industries and regions. How this seasonality pans out remains to be seen.
  • Two years ago, TCS experimented by taking in 32,000-35,000 freshers in the first two quarters and this model proved to be successful. They plan to do this in FY22 as well, as their approach to providing fresher training is modified.
  • Fresher training is no longer looked at as a standalone activity. Rather, it is deeply integrated into business units themselves. The training is more aligned to where demand is and the focus of the curriculum is in tune with the business units.
  • By participating in G&T (Growth and Transformation) projects, TCS has been trying to be aware of which part of the customer agenda they were partnering with. Creating awareness and articulating what TCS does, both internally and externally are the key part.
  • What matters is that TCS is relevant to its customer base. They have over 1,000 customers and 98% of its business is repeat business’s relevance to customers should continue and increase.

Asset Multiplier Comments

  • TCS like the entirety of the IT Industry has been facing the brunt of attrition-related margin pressures. Strong brand building and employee satisfaction have helped it keep attrition at an industry low.
  • We expect these input pressures to sustain over the next 2-3 quarters post which TCS’ long-term growth levers would kick in and help the company venture into the next phase of growth.

 Consensus Estimate: (Source: market screener website)

  • The closing price of TCS was ₹ 3,686/- as of 11-Oct-2021. It traded at 38x/33x/30x the consensus earnings per share estimate of ₹ 105/119/132 for FY22E/FY23E/FY24E respectively.
  • The consensus target price of ₹ 3,978/- implies a PE multiple of 30x on FY24E EPS of ₹/132-.

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