No Plans to enter EV Segment in the short term: Maruti Suzuki

No Plans to enter EV Segment in the short term: Maruti Suzuki


Update on Indian Equity Market:

On Wednesday, markets ended flat with Nifty closing 10 points lower to close at 16,634.  EICHERMOT (3.7%), HDFCLIFE (2.6%), HINDALCO (2.4%) were the top gainers on the index while BAJAJFINSV(-2.9%), TITAN (-2.2%) and MARUTI (-1.3%) were the top losers for the day. Among the sectoral indices,  OIL & GAS (1.1%), IT (0.7%) and FMCG (06%) were the top gainers, while PRIVATE BANK (-0.9%), METAL (-0.8%) and REALTY(-0.8%) were the top losers.


Excerpts of the Address by RC Bhargava, Chairman, Maruti Suzuki at 40th AGM dated 24th August 2021:


  • The Company will not enter electric vehicles in the short term and will enter “only when it is feasible” to sell reasonable numbers. The sales volume of existing EV (Electric Vehicle) Players is not significant enough to threaten Maruti’s Market Share.
  • The company is a market leader in ICE (Internal Combustion Engine). It has plans to be a market leader in EVs as well but the company feels, the conditions for EV penetration in India are not adequate yet.
  • The company’s short term focus is on Hybrid CNG to manage the headwinds raised by rising fuel prices until EVs reach their inflexion point.
  • The company plans to launch an SUV in this high growth segment with the aim to capture more market share in this highly competitive field consisting of a lot of players.
  •  The company is currently facing production issues due to semiconductor shortages. This is expected to continue till the end of FY22. There’s a significant reduction in production, however, no major operational loss is evident.  
  • The Company’s planned Capex is Rs. 45 bn but the company expects there will be a significant deviation in actuals by the end of the year.
  • There’s very low penetration per capita when it comes to the passenger vehicles segment. He feels that in order for India to be fully developed, India should not be pressured to meet its carbon emission reduction norms.


Asset Multiplier Comments:


  • Maruti Suzuki has a great brand presence across all segments in the Indian markets. With its cautious stance on EV, it risks losing out on market share to more aggressive EV players like Tata Motors.
  • ICE Vehicles are not still being phased out at a very rapid pace and a complete transition to EV is still a long way off. Till then Maruti Suzuki will likely continue to enjoy its position as the market leader.


Consensus Estimates (Source: market screener website): 

  • The closing price of Maruti Suzuki was ₹6711/- as of 25-August-2021.  It traded at 36x/24x /19x the EPS estimate of ₹189/₹ 279/₹ 351  for FY22E/23E/24E.
  • The consensus price target is ₹ 7912/- which will put it at 23x the EPS estimate for FY24E of ₹ 351/-

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