Net margins to remain around 14%: L&T Infotech

Net margins to remain around 14%: L&T Infotech

Update on Indian Equity Markets:

The upward momentum in Indian markets supported by RBI announcements continued on Thursday as Nifty closed the day 107 points higher at 14,725. Within the index, HINDALCO (5.7%), HEROMOTO (4.7%), and WIPRO (4.4%) were the highest gainers while UPL (-1.4%), BAJAJFINSV (-1.0%) and POWERGRID (-1.0%) were few of the losers. Within the sectoral indices, METAL (2.5%), IT (1.8%), and AUTO (1.8%) led the gainers while PSU BANK (-1.2%), PHARMA (-0.2%), and PVT BANK (-0.1%) were the only losers..

Excerpts of an interview with Mr. Sanjay Jalona, CEO, L&T Infotech (LTI) with CNBC -TV18 dated 5th May 2021:

  • The Company will focus on investing for growth and localization in FY22E. The management is confident of achieving growth in the leaders quadrant for FY22E. 
  • The energy sector has been underperforming given the shift to renewable energy. The Company is expected to witness new avenues for growth in the segment. The management also believes that the ability for insurance companies to spend on discretionary has gone down.
  • The Company reported a 320 bps YoY improvement in EBIT margin with the help of cost rationalization efforts. He highlighted that the Company is expected to produce net margins in the narrow band of around 14 percent.
  • The Company gave FY21 wage hikes in January and has advanced the FY22 wage hike cycle to April from earlier norms of July. He said that the war for talent and attrition is going up in the Information Technology space.
  • The Company witnessed lower exit velocity, record hiring, and improved customer sentiment. The attrition rate is going up for the industry and by offering early wage hikes, Company is trying to stay ahead of the industry curve.

Asset Multiplier Comments:

  • The lower attrition rates and earlier wage hikes will help Company to retain the top talent to deliver growth for the Company. Hence the Company is confident of growth in the leaders quadrant for FY22E.
  • Tailwinds of work from home and other cost rationalizations are expected to help the Company to achieve net margins target of around 14%.

Consensus Estimates (Source: market screener website):

  • The closing price of LTI was ₹ 3,814/- as of 6-May-2021.  It traded at 30x/ 26x the consensus EPS estimate of ₹ 126.2/ 144.8 for 22E/23E respectively.
  • The consensus price target is ₹ 3,960/- which trades at 27x the EPS estimate for FY23E of ₹ 144.8/-

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