2 Wheeler EV Segment at a growth inflexion point: Hero Electric

2 Wheeler EV Segment at a growth inflexion point: Hero Electric

Update on Indian Equity Market:

On Wednesday, markets ended lower with Nifty closing 46 points to close at 16,569. EICHERMOT (+2.7%), ULTRACEMCO (+2.4%) BAJFINANCE (+2.1%) were the top gainers on the index while KOTAKBANK (-2.3%),HINDALCO (-2.3%) and ICICIBANK (-2.0%) were the top losers for the day. Among the sectoral indices,  FMCG (0.7%), CONSUMER DURABLES (0.6%) and PSU BANK (0.3%) were the top gainers, while PRIVATE BANK (-0.9%), METAL (-0.8%) and REALTY(-0.8%) were the top losers.

Excerpts of an interview with Mr Naveen Munjal, MD, Hero Electric on ET Now dated 17th August 2021:

  • Electric 2 Wheelers are the most lucrative segment in the EV Industry due to a lot of factors such as fewer infrastructure demands, simpler charging requirements, and ride distances.
  • The biggest tailwind for this segment is government support, FAME II ratings, state-specific concessions, and production-linked incentive schemes for EV Manufacturers.
  • The Total Cost of Ownership gap between ICE and EV is increasing daily due to the rise in fuel prices. Hence, the company expects demand to shift to EVs in the upcoming years to the point it’ll be 20% or a 4 billion unit segment in the next 5 years.
  • The consumer sentiment is shifting towards Electric Mobility not just in urban areas. The penetration is increasing in tier-3, tier-4, and some rural areas as well, so the sales would only go northwards from hereon.
  • The range is adequate for regular usage and for heavy usage the company offers multiple batteries as a backup. Most customers charge their bikes at home. However, the range anxiety can be addressed by installing charging stations, in which the company is investing heavily.
  • The company has also trained 6,000 mechanics and plans to train another 25,000 to solve any potential issues that may arise due to EV Malfunctions thereby creating an entire ecosystem.
  • India is leapfrogging technologies to have the most upgraded know-how as compared to other countries who took the traditional approach of innovating through the years, which is why the performance of Indian EV 2 Wheelers is best in class.
  • R&D that is being done is immense. So the vehicles in the future are going to be far better than what they are at this point. This range of vehicles is already better than what was three or five years back. This demonstrates the huge improvement in technology,

Asset Multiplier Comments:

  • Electric Vehicles are a thing of the future due to the headwinds faced by ICE Vehicles, the transition has already begun and India stands to be one of the biggest EV markets in the upcoming decade.
  • There are no pureplay EV Manufacturers that are listed on the bourses. However many 2 Wheeler Manufacturers are planning their foray into this segment. It should be noted that Hero Electric and Hero Motorcorp are two legally distinct entities with no connection to each other.
  • Hero Motorcorp has its own plans to manufacture Electric 2 Wheelers as it wants to expand into this lucrative growth-driven segment.

Consensus Estimates (Source: market screener website): 

  • The closing price of Hero Motorcorp was ₹2763/- as of 18-August-2021.  It traded at 17x/14x /12x the EPS estimate of ₹167/₹ 201/₹ 225 for FY22E/23E/24E.
  • The consensus price target is ₹ 3235/- which trades at 14x the EPS estimate for FY24E of ₹ 225/-.

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