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Ready for the transition to BS-VI; aim to be a global company at every level – Hero MotoCorp’s Dr Pawan Munjal

Update on the Indian Equity Market:

On Friday, NIFTY50 closed -0.8% lower at 11,921. NIFTY50 gainers include Infratel (+5.3%), Kotak Mahindra Bank (+1.6%) and JSW Steel (+0.7%). NIFTY50 losers include Yes Bank (-10.5%), SBI (-5.3%) and Zee Entertainment (-4.6%). PSU Bank (-4.4), Media (-3.4%), and Auto (-1.7%) were the top losing sectors. There were no sectoral gainers in the Friday trade.

Excerpts from an interview with Dr Pawan Munjal, Chairman, MD & CEO, Hero MotoCorp Ltd. The interview was published in CNBCtv18 dated 05th December 2019

·        They are set for a quick transition to BS-VI. The company has already discontinued over 50 BS-IV products.

·       Hero is leading a charge on the BS-VI front, according to Dr Munjal. The first BS-VI motorcycle introduced in India is from Hero and currently, they are working on all the other range of products. They have already started production of various other models. Over the next 1 or 2 months, Hero will be probably transitioning into BS-VI with the entire range.

·        Dr Munjal said there seems to be a slowdown across the globe, especially in oil markets and thus, many of their global markets are oil-dependent markets. Hero has seen market shrinking, they have seen Columbia & Nigeria market shrinking, and Argentina going through hell and similarly, many other markets facing a lot of headwinds.

·        Hero has gone back and looked at their strategies. They had planned to go to 50 markets. However, right now Hero will focus on the big markets and try and increase their market share in these markets.

Recently Hero introduced the X-Pulse and some of the other new bikes in the 200 CC range. They received an excellent response, from the customers. Hero has more such stuff in the pipeline coming in the premium segment. It is not just the products, it is the brand, the marketing and the 360 around the brand that the Company is doing.

·        Hero is working with the global consultants on the visual identity and the insides of their dealership. Hero will be changing a lot of stuff in their outlets soon.

·        Hero is a global company not just in terms of selling the products into global markets but they have gone into other markets with manufacturing in Columbia and Bangladesh. Thus, the Company is trying to become a global company at every level.

In terms of diversity, there is gender, cultural diversity and there is a diversity of different nations, which are becoming part of Hero.

·        Hero is well on its way to the electrification of its products. A team is working on the engineering and research part of the electric product. Hero will be bringing its electric products but no timeframe promised as of now.

·        Tiger Woods is captaining the US team for the President Cup in Melbourne for Hero MotoCorp. The relationship between Tiger Woods and Hero MotoCorp has been of great benefit. Hero is a huge brand in India. Hero was mostly a domestic brand but when they started going out of India into various other markets whether it was Africa, Latin America, Central America, the brand was almost unknown in other markets, other countries. Hero’s association with Tiger gave them that immediate recognition in these markets.

·        When asked about the biggest lesson learnt by the Company from what has happened over the last year from this slowdown, Dr Pawan Munjal said “Life is not always about going north. There will be challenges in life, there will be difficult times in life, sales will go up sometimes, sales will come down sometimes, the economy will go up and the economy will come down sometimes. So, we need to be prepared to face these challenges. When required, we need to buckle up our shoes and tighten our belts and do whatever best we can do for our consumers and customers to be able to give them the right product and the right quality.”

Consensus Estimate (Source: market screener website)

·        The closing price of Hero MotoCorp Ltd was ₹ 2,362/- as of 06-December-19. It traded at 14x/ 13x/ 12x the consensus EPS estimate for FY20E/ FY21E/ FY22E of ₹ 174/ 177/ 196 respectively.

Bata to use multi-channel retail strategy to reach more customers: Sandeep Kataria, CEO, Bata India

Update on the Indian Equity Market:

On Wednesday, NIFTY50 closed 0.5% higher. NIFTY50 gainers include Yes Bank (+8.3%), Ultratech Cement (+3.1%), and SBI (+2.9%). NIFTY50 losers include Infratel (-3.2%), Cipla (-2.2%), and L&T (-1.7%). Realty (-0.6%) and Media (-0.4%) were the only losing sectors while PSU BANK (+1.8%), Auto (+1.3%), and Metal (+0.9%) were the top gaining sectors.

Excerpts from an interview with Mr Sandeep Kataria, CEO, Bata India, published in the Economic Times dated 27th November 2019:

  • Bata will continue its growth journey in India with the multi-retail channel approach along with the e-commerce platform to reach out to as many customers as it can.
  • The company has a retail network in 450 towns and wishes to further expand by adding new stores in smaller towns through the franchise route.
  • Bata has been using three engines – a) their own stores, b) franchise partner store, which is a big drive for them in tier III & IV, and c) multi-brand outlets.
  • To add to all this is their E-commerce channel, whether through their own website or through other marketplaces, that helps them to get as many customers as they can.
  • The Company will strengthen its presence by adding 500 stores in the next five years, focusing mainly on small markets as it has identified tier II, III and IV cities where it has plans to broaden its sales network through the franchise model.
  • India is much bigger and Bata’s brand image is also bigger. So, they have decided to expand their reach to as many Indians and take advantage of their equities.
  • Online channels are providing opportunities in multiple ways to reach consumers. Bata can use digital channels to increase the productivity of their stores and enhance the satisfaction of their consumers.
  • Bata is working hard to reconnect with the country’s millennials. Bata India has a whole battery of brands in Bata as North Star, Bata Red Label, Marie Claire and Footin which talk to millennials. The Company does not have to rely on Bata as the main brand.
  • When asked whether Bata has any plans to introduce new brands from its global fold, Mr Kataria said the Company is not very keen to do that as there is a huge opportunity for them to play with the brands which they have here. The Company has a license for the manufacture and sale of several global brands as Hush Puppies and Naturalizer. Bata has introduced outdoor brand shoes from Caterpillar in its top selected outlets this season.

Consensus Estimate (Source: market screener website)

  • The closing price of Bata India Ltd was ₹ 1,615/- as of 27-November-19. It traded at 52x/ 44x/ 36x the consensus EPS estimate for FY20E/ FY21E/ FY22E of ₹ 30.8/ 36.9/ 44.3 respectively.