Author - Sharvari Joshi

M&M Finance- 2HFY20 to be better

Update on the Indian Equity Market:

On Wednesday, NIFTY closed 1.7% higher. Among the sectoral indices NIFTY Bank (+3.7%), NIFTY PVT bank (+3.5%), NIFTY PSU bank (+3.1%) closed higher while NIFTY Media (-0.3%), NIFTY FMCG (-0.2%) NIFTY IT (-0.8%) ended on a negative note. The biggest gainers were IndusInd Bank (+5.5%), Infratel (+5.3%), Bharti Airtel (+5.2%) whereas Yes bank (-5.2%), Hero motocorp (-2.8%), Zee (-2.4%) ended on a negative note.

Excerpts from an interview with Mr. Ramesh Iyer – Chairman & Managing Director, M&M Financial Services.

  • Mr Ramesh said, “We have been focusing on the semi-urban rural market and we do see that the festival demand, at least the footfall at the dealerships are much much higher than what it was in the last six months.”
  • According to him, the festival season would turn out to be good and normally the second half for the rural market is always good, given the festival, and harvest has been in widespread range. Put together, he expects demand to pick up and the second half to be good.
  • They have revised FY20 loan growth numbers and there are four reasons for that:
    • Their deeper penetration is an advantage as they get volumes from the deeper pockets. 
    • Multi-product approach that they have been taking. Their growth is not dependent on a single product. 
    • They have been little more aggressive in pre-owned vehicle like pre-owned cars, tractors, UVs, etc, and they do see demand for a pre-owned vehicle in the rural market picking up.
    • Large customer base.
  • They have not seen too much competition and they expect some market share growth. So, that is one growth possibility.
  • Pre-owned vehicle segment has been a little aggressive and they do see growth coming from there. While the heavy commercial vehicle segment is not growing, they have a very small base or a low base and they do expect some volume growth there, given the total volume.
  • As far as the pre-owned vehicle is concerned, they were concentrating on cars and UVs. Now, they have also gone into pre-owned tractor financing and that is another very exciting segment.
  • These are the growth drivers and market share gain from their prime products like UV or car segment altogether is helping them maintain growth.
  • They do not see an issue to really worry about from the asset quality front but it all depends on yields. What is going to be the price that will get announced because the farm cash flow is important from a rural perspective, but they believe that given the widespread monsoon, at least in some of the states, the yields would be good.
  • They do not, therefore, see a spike in NPAs but there are some pockets where one could witness delay.
  • Their focus area is going to be semi urban, rural market and that is what they have done for the last 25 years. They do see a pick up in sentiment and they expect that in the next six months, with the festival and the harvest coming up, they should see some buoyancy in that market.
  • They are borrowing from banks, own debentures, fixed deposits and that has helped them maintain growth. But yes, there has been some increase in cost that they have witnessed initially but now that is climbing down.
  • Liquidity has not been an issue and as cost seems to get addressed, they feel a little more comfortable than that of six months back.
  • They will be open to any inorganic growth opportunity, but they do not have anything on the tables at this stage. But clearly, it has to have a strategic fit, a cultural fit and that is what they will look for.

Consensus Estimate (Source: market screener website & website)

  • The closing price of M&M Finance was ₹ 334 /- as of 09-10-19. It traded at 1.7x /1.5x/1.4x x the consensus book value for FY20E/ FY21E/FY22E of ₹ 194 /₹ 218/ ₹242 respectively.
  • Consensus target price of ₹ 378/- implies a P/B multiple of 1.6 x on the FY22 book value of ₹242 /-

Blue Star Limited (BLUESTARCO): Will use the extra money from corporate tax cut in capital expenses

Update on the Indian Market:

On Friday, Market was more or less flat. Nifty closed 0.5% lower at Rs 11,512. Bharti Airtel (+2.89%), Bajaj Finance (+1.61%), ITC (1.36%) were among the biggest gainers. IndusInd bank (-4.92%), Yes bank (-5.0%), Vedanta (-5.69%) were the losers. Among the sectoral indices Pharma (-2.06%), Realty (-2.28%), Metal (-2.84) closed lower while there were no gainers.

Excerpts from the interview by Mr. B Thiagarajan, MD – Blue Star

  • Effective tax rate was 32% in FY19 and would have been ~ 31% in FY20. So, setting aside certain concessions they will forego if they move to this regime, they should be gaining around 4.5 percent and 5 percent in terms of EPS.
  • They will pump in this extra money into the capital expenses. They have been on an indigenization mode and they will accelerate indigenization or reduce in-China dependency.
  • In FY20, they are looking at indigenizing deep freezers. So ~ Rs 120 cr is being invested in Vada in Maharashtra. Sri City plant which they had acquired the land there, they would have looked at FY22-23, they may end up accelerating that because the room air conditioner market continues to be good.
  • Plastic injection moulding, compressor manufacturing industry will benefit due to indigenization drive.
  • They will accelerate the capital investment there. So the entire Sri City plant should get frozen sometime in January-February 2020.
  • Unlike many other durables, air conditioners have been witnessing and even during Onam season they witnessed good growth. He thinks that will further grow.
  • The Onam season is an indication because there were floods. He thought Onam season will be a washout, the markets are priced close to around 40% growth over last year, but last year also there were floods. The year before there was around 12% growth.
  • Going forward, the festival season should be ~ 12-15% growth. Having said that, the demand is for lower-end products and 40% of the sales have been through consumer finance schemes.
  • According to him, there is no room for more discounts because the dollar has moved up. They have to keep a close watch on the exchange rates because copper and quite a few components still get imported.
  • The competition is stiff and the reach is becoming very complex; with 65% of the market for them are tier III, tier IV, and tier V.
  • To reach out, they have to pump up the advertising expenses. So, there won’t be price dilution. He expects that they would maintain last year margin levels and marginally improve that.

Consensus Estimate (Source: market screener website)

  • The closing price of BLUESTARCO was ₹ 794/- as of 27-September-19. It traded at 34x / 28x / 22x the consensus EPS for FY20E/ FY21E/ FY22E of ₹ 23.1 / 28.3 / 36.1 respectively.
  • Consensus target price of ₹ 792/- implies a PE multiple of 22x on FY22E EPS of ₹ 36.1/-