Multi-Year growth potential for all verticals – Infoedge

Multi-Year growth potential for all verticals – Infoedge

Update on the Indian Equity Market:

On Tuesday, NIFTY ended higher at 17,822. The top gainers in NIFTY50 were ONGC (+10.8%), INDUSINDBK (+5.0%), and COALINDIA (+4.2%). The top losers were CIPLA (-2.4%), HINDALCO (-2.1%), and SHREECEM (-1.8%). The top gaining sectors were OIL & GAS (+2.8%), IT (+1.2%), and MEDIA (+0.8%), while the top sectoral losers were REALTY (-1.4%), HEALTHCARE (-0.7%), and PHARMA (-0.5%).  

Edited excerpts of an interview with Mr. Hitesh Oberoi, CEO & MD, Info Edge with CNBCTV18 aired on 04th September 2021:

  • In the last few quarters, the job market, especially for engineers has not been of the type one has seen in maybe the last two decades. It’s a super-hot market with attrition rates for most companies going through the roof, talent is impossible to hire.
  • The company believes it is a rock-solid market, and it is slowly spreading now to the non-IT sectors as well. Starting with the IT market, which has been growing for the last three quarters but now, it’s now beginning to spread to the other sectors as well, as the Indian economy starts to recover.
  • There is a limited pool of talent, every company wants to go digital and companies have brought forward their multi-year plans. Companies that were hoping to get 30-50 percent of their business to come from digital in the next five years are now hoping that 70 percent of their business will be digital in the next two years.
  • The fact that there are remote working opportunities, people are able to get jobs not just in India but even overseas. There is this massive surge right now, one cannot overnight produce a lot of engineers, or overnight upskill them. Unless the demand is hit for some reason, the situation will continue to be like this for the next few quarters as well.
  • The company is a pure-play internet company that runs an online job portal It has massively benefitted from this uptick in the employment market and has managed to translate that to revenue growth as well.
  • The company is also bullish on the growth prospects of its other website, a real estate classifieds platform due to demand pick-up post lock down impact. According to him, growing prices, demand pick up across the country, cheaper credit availability are all signs of a multi-year growth cycle for real estate.
  • The Wedding cycle is also poised to pick up with more liberal government policies and the pent-up demand due to lockdowns that had brought this industry to a stand -still, the upcoming festive and wedding season bodes well for
  • Infoedge continues to be a startup incubator and aggregator with investments across startups like Zomato and Policy Bazaar and the company will continue to be on the lookout for strategic acquisitions in the startup ecosystem which is currently in a valuation bubble.
  • The Company is planning to launch an in-house blue-collar job portal called JobHai which is currently in the test marketing stage and also has made strategic investments in real estate, jobs, and education verticals.
  • The company has significant cash and capital balances to fund more startups and acquisitions to expand its portfolio and will look at listing each of its businesses separately if it believes that will help shareholders unlock more value.

Asset Multiplier Comments

  • The intensity of digital penetration across India has increased over the past few years, however, there is a lot more value to be unlocked for companies like Infoedge by expanding across India.
  • Infoedge has created a value chain through its verticals and strategic acquisitions that range from education to jobs, insurance to real estate, and now food delivery, which will likely consolidate its presence as the undisputed leader of internet-based aggregators in India.

Consensus Estimate (Source: market screener website)

  • The closing price of Infoedge was ₹ 6,493/- as of 05-Oct-21. It traded at 193x/148x/118x the consensus EPS estimate of ₹ 36/47/59 for FY22E/ FY23E/FY24E respectively.
  • The consensus target price of ₹ 6,520/- implies a PE multiple of 111x on FY24E EPS of ₹ 59/-.

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